Research & Development

Westlake Global Compounds' Research and Development team serves and supports all customers by providing proactive technical, analytical and developmental assistance. The R&D team strives to combine product development and production synergies to achieve optimum performance and quality compounds.

Westlake Global Compounds accomplishes this through:

  • Development: Customizing Rigid and Flexible PVC compounds that meet customer requirements.
  • Innovation: Providing customers with breakthrough technologies that meet environmental, economic and social demands.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Gaining approvals and compliance through regulatory agencies, such as NSF, UL, CSA, RoHS, Conflict of Minerals, Reach, LEED, IMDS and FDA.
  • Processing: Specifying processing parameters to customers and aiding in scrap reduction.
  • Field Trials: Assisting customers in obtaining optimal processing and quality products on customer equipment.
  • Design: Recommending equipment and tooling designs, along with processing conditions, to customers.