Our History



Born from the strategic merger of Westlake Compounds with industry powerhouses Georgia Gulf, Axiall, Ivy Group, and Nakan, Westlake Global Compounds stands as a global leader in the world of polymer compounding. This unique blend of expertise brings together diverse strengths and established legacies, creating a powerhouse unmatched in innovation, product offerings, and geographical reach.


Aberdeen Plant Begins Operations, Launching a Legacy in Vinyl Production

In 1963, the Aberdeen, Mississippi plant opened its doors under the ownership of Monroe Manufacturing, marking the beginning of a long and storied history in the production of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), compounds, and plasticizers. The plant quickly became a crucial player in the region's industrial landscape, providing essential materials for a wide range of applications.


Georgia-Pacific Breaks Ground

In 1968, Georgia-Pacific Corporation embarked on a strategic journey of expansion by breaking ground on a new chemical plant in Plaquemine, Louisiana. This marked a significant shift in the company's focus as it began venturing beyond its traditional paper business and into upstream businesses that supplied essential materials to the industry. The 1968 decision to enter the chemicals sector marked a pivotal moment in Georgia-Pacific's history. By venturing upstream, it secured its supply chain, enhanced its competitiveness, and positioned itself for future growth and diversification.


Phenol/Acetone/Methanol Plants Begin Production

1970 witnessed a significant expansion of Georgia-Pacific's Plaquemine, Louisiana operations with the launch of Phenol, Acetone, and Methanol production facilities. This further solidified its presence and diversified their chemical product portfolio.


A Year of Expansion for Georgia-Pacific in Plaquemine, Louisiana

Georgia-Pacific's Plaquemine, Louisiana operations launched two major facilities: Caustic/Chlorine and PVC Plants. The expansion solidified the company's presence in the chemical industry and diversified its product portfolio. This gave Georgia-Pacific a foothold in producing industrial chemicals used in applications, including water treatment, pulp/paper production, and textiles. PVC production opened up new markets for Georgia-Pacific in the construction, packaging, and electronics industries.


Ethyl Corporation Establishes a New Presence in Gallman, Mississippi

In 1980, Ethyl Corporation expanded its reach by opening a new compound plant in Gallman, Mississippi. This marked a strategic move for the company, allowing it to tap into new markets and further diversify its product portfolio. The Gallman plant specialized in producing compounds and essential ingredients used in various industrial applications. This included plastics and polymers, rubbers and elastomers, adhesives and sealants, and paints and coatings. The opening signified the company's continued commitment to innovation, expansion, and serving the needs of diverse industries.


VCM Production Completes the Chemical Complex in Plaquemine, LA

1980 marked a significant milestone for the chemical industry in Plaquemine, Louisiana, with the completion of a Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) production unit. This solidified the facility’s position as a fully integrated chemical operation from salt to PVC resin for Georgia Gulf, the company behind the complex. Georgia Gulf integrated the VCM unit with its existing chlorine and ethylene dichloride (EDC) production facilities. This vertical integration creates a closed-loop system that optimizes efficiency and minimizes reliance on external sources.


Madison Compounds Plant Starts Operations Under North American Plastics

The Madison Compounds plant began operations under North American Plastics (NAP) ownership. This marked a significant development for both companies, expanding their reach and capabilities within the plastics industry. The Madison Compounds plant specialized in producing custom-compounded polymers and catering to diverse customer needs. These compounds were used in various applications, including automotive, electronics, medical, and construction applications. 


Georgia Gulf Corp. Public Listing

In 1986, Georgia Gulf Corporation took a monumental step by going public and listing its shares on the NASDAQ stock exchange. This event marked a significant milestone in the company's history, propelling it onto the national stage and providing new opportunities for growth and expansion.


Georgia Gulf Expands Footprint with Acquisition of North American Plastics

Georgia Gulf Corporation made a strategic acquisition by purchasing North American Plastics (NAP), a leading producer of custom-compounded polymers. This acquisition brought two additional facilities to Georgia Gulf's portfolio: Madison Compounds Plant in Madison, Mississippi and Prairie Compounding Plant in Prairie, Mississippi. The acquisition of NAP marked a milestone in Georgia Gulf's history. It demonstrated the company's commitment to strategic growth and expansion through organic development and well-planned acquisitions. 


Georgia Gulf Strengthens its Position with the Acquisition of CONDEA Vista Vinyls Business

Georgia Gulf Corporation took a bold step by acquiring the CONDEA Vista Vinyls business, a leading producer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and related products. This strategic acquisition included the Aberdeen, Mississippi plant, significantly expanding Georgia Gulf's presence in the PVC market. The 1999 acquisition of CONDEA Vista Vinyls remains a landmark event in the history of Georgia Gulf and the PVC industry.


Georgia Gulf Invests in the Future with $100 Million PVC Plant Modernization

In 2005, Georgia Gulf Corporation made a significant commitment to the future of its PVC (polyvinyl chloride) business with the announcement of a $100 million modernization project for its Aberdeen, Mississippi plant. This ambitious investment aimed to upgrade technology, enhance environmental performance, increase production capacity, and create jobs. The successful completion of the $100 million PVC plant modernization project in 2005 cemented Georgia Gulf's position as a leader in the PVC industry.


Georgia Gulf Expands Reach with Acquisition of Royal Group Technologies, Strengthening its Position in the Canadian Market

In 2006, Georgia Gulf Corporation made a strategic acquisition by purchasing Royal Group Technologies, a leading Canadian producer of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes, fittings, and building products. This acquisition marked a significant expansion for Georgia Gulf, allowing them to enter the Canadian market, strengthen their PVC portfolio, gain valuables assets, and diversify their customer base. This event demonstrated the significant value that can be achieved through well-planned acquisitions and integration strategies. 


Nakan Makes a Splash with New Slush Compounds Business in Matamoros, Mexico

In 2009, Nakan embarked on a new chapter by establishing a dedicated facility in Matamoros, Mexico, to launch its Slush Compounds business. This strategic expansion marked a significant milestone for the company, opening doors to new markets and opportunities. Today, Nakan's Matamoros facility is a vital part of the company's operations. It contributes significantly to Nakan's growth and success, providing high-quality Slush Compounds to markets across North America and beyond.


Axiall Rises from the Ashes: A Merger of PPG and Georgia Gulf

In 2013, a historic event occurred in the chemical industry, as Georgia Gulf Corporation merged with PPG Industries' commodity chemicals business to form Axiall Corporation. This transformative event combined the strengths and resources of two prominent industry players, creating a new entity poised for significant growth and success. The Axiall Corporation merger is a testament to the power of strategic partnership and the potential for growth and innovation in the chemical industry. 


Westlake Chemical Absorbs Axiall Corporation, Transforming the North American Chemical Landscape

The chemical industry witnessed a significant shift with the acquisition of Axiall Corporation by Westlake Chemical Corporation. This transaction, valued at approximately $3.8 billion, brought together two leading players in the chlor-alkali and vinyl markets, creating a North American powerhouse with significant impact. The acquisition stands as a landmark event in the history of the North American chemical industry. The legacy of this event continues to shape the industry, with Westlake emerging as a key player.


Westlake Chemical Acquires NAKAN™, Expanding its Global Compounding Footprint

Westlake Chemical Corporation further cemented its position as a leader in the vinyl industry with the strategic acquisition of NAKAN™, a global leader in vinyl compounding solutions. It highlights the importance of identifying complementary strengths, leveraging technological advancements, and fostering collaboration to achieve long-term success. 


Westlake Chemical Acquires Dimex LLC

On September 10, 2021, Westlake Chemical Corporation acquired Dimex LLC, a major player in the recycled plastics industry. This acquisition marked a significant step for Westlake in its commitment to sustainability and circular economy practices.