Our mission for sustainability

Westlake products enhance everyday lives. Because our materials can be found in various consumer applications, we continually develop and incorporate operational improvements to optimize our operations, products, and business sustainability.

Our Priority ESG Topics

Informed by our 2021 materiality assessment, Westlake identified five ESG pillars representing the focus areas we believe are integral to creating lasting positive impacts.


As a family-led company, we run our business with an eye toward the long term, employing a resilient business model.


Our continuous improvements to reduce our environmental footprint across an array of activities, including water and energy management, recycling, and product re-engineering


Our customer collaborations to innovate more sustainable products and render existing products more sustainable


Embracing our diverse workforce as family and empowering people in safety, environmental responsibility, and engineered solutions


Engaging with the communities where we work and live by giving back, investing in support, and ensuring emergency preparedness

Leveraging GreenVin® PVC from our sister company, Westlake Vinnolit, to develop more sustainable products for our customers

As a vertically integrated company, Westlake Global Compounds is introducing GreenVin® PVC grades as raw material options for customers exploring compound PVC formulations with lower carbon intensity.

GreenVin® PVC is produced with renewable power from hydropower, wind power or solar energy, backed up by European Guarantees of Origin (GOs).

Westlake Vinnolit produces bio-attributed GreenVin® PVC utilizing renewable ethylene feedstock from non-food biomass (2nd generation), such as plant residues and waste materials.

Bio-attributed GreenVin PVC is approximately

less carbon intensive

compared to conventionally produced Westlake PVC

GreenVin PVC is approximately

less carbon intensive

compared to conventionally produced Westlake PVC

GreenVin caustic soda is approximately

less carbon intensive

than conventionally produced Westlake caustic soda

Our Impact

At Westlake, we believe sustainable business practices are vital — for the planet's and society's health. In early 2022, we established our initial Carbon goal - to reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2 equivalent emissions per ton of production by 20% by 2030 from a 2016 baseline. As a major global manufacturer, we take the reduction of our environmental footprint seriously and collaborate with our customers or end-use consumers, partners and suppliers,  and also work with regulatory authorities.

Crop Office Chart Solar Panels Water

Emissions and Energy Use

As of December 2022, we saw a decrease in our total Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emission intensity by 18% from 2016 baseline.

Energy Transition

We further reduced our emissions intensity due to continuous improvement projects, such as furnace replacements to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

CO2e Management 

As of December 2022, we have an 18% reduction in carbon intensity from our 2016 baseline.

Energy Management

Our energy efficiency (MMBTU per ton of production) improved 6.74% over the previous year of 2021. By continuing our efforts to improve our process efficiency and install equipment upgrades, we also improved our energy efficiency by 10.11% in 2022 compared to our 2016 baseline.

Water Management

Because water is an integral part of our operations, we monitor each location's water use. Water is included as a sustainability metric in the Westlake Continuous Improvement Process, which seeks to implement water management strategies to maximize efficiencies and meet our legal obligations.

2023 EcoVadis® Silver Award-Winner

In 2023, Westlake Global Compounds received its EcoVadis Silver Awards for its Italy and France sites.

Silver Medal 2023 EcoVadis


The larger Westlake Corportion sustainability team works closely with third party certification bodies to improve we our implementation of high industry standards for environmental sustainability. Westlake Global Compounds continues to partner with EcoVadis® to asses our performance. Learn more about Westlake Corporation's broader sustainability initiatives.

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