PVC Pipes Outperform in Durability: New Report from Utah State University

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A March 2024 study published by Professor Steven L. Barfuss of Utah State University adds another layer of evidence to the growing reputation of PVC pipe for water infrastructure. This report, “Water Main Break Rates in the USA and Canada: A Comprehensive Study,” and the third in a series tracking the status of water mains across the nations, highlights a significant trend: the rise of PVC and its impressive reliability.
Barfuss’ research reveals a growing market share for PVC pipe. This shift coincides with a key finding -  a remarkably low break rate for PVC pipe.  Traditional materials, such as cast iron, are more susceptible to corrosion and cracking, leading to costly repairs and water loss.
The report’s takeaways are clear: PVC pipe is proving to be a dependable and long-lasting solution for water infrastructure needs.  For those interested in a deeper dive, the full report by Professor Barfuss is recommended.
Water Main Break Rates in the USA and Canada: A Comprehensive Study (usu.edu)
Key takeaways from the Utah State University report:

  1. Increased market share for PVC pipe in water infrastructure projects.
  2. Lower break rates for PVC pipe compared to traditional materials.
  3. Potential for PVC to be a cost-effective and reliable choice for long-term water infrastructure needs.